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Premium Cigar Passion is Contagious
Smokeshop Magazine's Editor,
E. Edward Hoyt III, comments on this month's industry trends...

Industry Calendar:
What's happening and where in the Tobacco Industry...

Cover Story:
China’s Premium Cigar Ambitions
Seeking to reduce its dependence on premium cigar imports while building its own export industry, China is making significant investments in all phases of production in Hainan Province, including a cigar-themed tourist town
Event Focus:
China Cigar Festival
The China Cigar Festival, founded by Cigar Ambassador Group, hosted its second annual event in November 2013, with activities spread from Hainan Island to Beijing and Shanghai.
CAA Insight:
Cigars Could face an
Online Retail Disaster
The Marketplace Fairness Act is just another name for the Internet Tax Bill. If passed, the legislation would be devastating, not just to online retail, but the entire cigar industry.

Industry News:
Top stories affecting manufacturers, retailers, and consumers from the tobacco industry...

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